Streamline your die positioning and reduce overall setup by 50%

Market trends

Die Co-Ordinator turbocharges your presses without the need for modification to presses, honeycombs, dies or hooks. This makes it the most cost-effective die positioning system on the market today.

Press set up time is fast becoming the biggest bottleneck in the foil stamping and embossing industry. More and more we hear that the end customer looks for just in time delivery and run lengths are typically much shorter. Consequently the majority of print finishers are now doing multiple setups each day and as a direct result the seeing a big  reduction in the maximum number of sheets on the floor they can deliver.

Die Co-ordinator allows you to dramatically cut press set up time allowing you meet the just in time delivery requirements of your customers while simultaneously increasing sheets on the floor and reducing waste

How it works

Unlike the traditional method of laying an acetate copy  of the carton layout on top the honeycomb, Die Coordinator uses the PDF, or equivalent file, generated by your artwork department to produce keylines of the dies which are projected on to the display screen. At the same time a live video feed from the camera positioned above the honeycomb shows the true position of the die. This process takes out all the inaccuracies of the traditional method allowing dies to be registered more quickly and more accurately saving time and money.

Exisiting honeycomb chases from the stamping room equipment can be fingerprinted registering their characteristics within the system meaning that when a chase is used in the future all characteristics can be recalled. During the fingerprinting process the die is also registered and together with the honeycomb chase the coefficient of expansion of both are calculated and compensated for to the run temperature, eliminating the need for trial and error runs with materials, energy and time being wasted

In addition to taking into account the expansion coefficients we have the “Printlock”  facility, completely unique to Die Coordinator. Printlock assess the printed sheet for board stretch which occurs during printing and automatically compensates meaning the keyline displayed represents the exact position which the die needs to be placed to ensure the perfect end product.

The Benefits

Customers who have chosen to invest in Die Coordinator have very quickly seen our technology become an essential part of their production process. With press set up times reducing on average by over 50%,  in some cases even higher, our customers have been able increase their sheets on the floor by over 70%. Our customers have seen the number of sheets being used for set up reducing from over 300 to just 50, typically saving them in excess of $60k per year.

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    We are saving on average 60 to 90 minutes for each foil make-ready using the Die Co-Ordinator, due to its ability to download a PDF file to machine and register the job to a digital Keyline giving the exact die location. Our savings per job well exceeds the 50% estimate given at time of purchase.

    Mark E. Baugh

    President D.E. Baugh


    The Die Co-Ordinator allows us to do the make-readies off line, thereby saving production time and utilization as well. Our experience to date is that our make-readies have been more than cut in half. The savings are significant.

    Tim Beymer

    Cover Plant Manager, Jostens, Inc.


    The Die Co-Ordinator has now been in operation for more than 8 years in a 2 shift operation. We estimate the average savings to more than 2000 working hours per year.

    Carlos Labori

    General Manager, EGISA