Streamline your press makeready and reduce overall setup by 50%

Die Co-Ordinator turbocharges your presses without the need for modification to presses, honeycombs, dies or hooks. This makes it the most cost-effective die lock-up system on the market today.Press set up time is fast becoming the biggest bottleneck in the foil stamping and embossing industry as customer demands push producers more and more towards short, multiple run jobs delivering just in time production.





  • Program jobs in under 2 minutes with Point & Click
  • Eliminate mechanical variation with automatic calibration before every job
  • Repeatable, consistent movements accurate to 0.005 mm
  • Image magnification to 0.03 mm per pixel
  • Automatic compensation for board stretch and heat expansion
  • Pair Die Co-Ordinator with presses for life with its robust cosntruction
  • Store over 100,000 jobs and recall a re-order in seconds
  • Use Die Co-Ordinator on all presses using adjustable guides

Use Die Co-Ordinator to improve your turnaround and maximise profits today.

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    We are saving on average 60 to 90 minutes for each foil make-ready using the Die Co-Ordinator, due to its ability to download a PDF file to machine and register the job to a digital Keyline giving the exact die location. Our savings per job well exceeds the 50% estimate given at time of purchase.

    Mark E. Baugh

    President D.E. Baugh


    The Die Co-Ordinator allows us to do the make-readies off line, thereby saving production time and utilization as well. Our experience to date is that our make-readies have been more than cut in half. The savings are significant.

    Tim Beymer

    Cover Plant Manager, Jostens, Inc.


    The Di Co-Ordinator has now been in operation for more than 7 years in a 2 shift operation. We estimate the average savings to more than 2000 working hours per year for machines with an hourly operation cost ranging from €80 to €120.

    Carlos Labori

    General Manager, EGISA