“Waste is something you pay for but don’t use.”
Henry Ford

The true cost of waste lies not only in discarded resources but also in the inefficient use of raw materials, unnecessary use of energy and wasted labour. The burden of waste is borne financially by the manufacturer and ecologically with the environment.

The reduction is waste packaging is no longer solely a choice between landfill and recycling. Every business within the supply chain now has a responsibility to reduce their waste. As a result luxury good manufacturers have placed sustainability high on their list of procurement requirements.

Following the introduction of EU waste regulations in 2012, all European Union companies with a turnover in excess of £2 million or using/manufacturing in excess of 50 tonnes of packaging each year must comply with EU Producer Responsibility Obligations.

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Challenges facing the packaging industry

  • Comply with EU and UK waste directives
  • Comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations
  • Maintain the quality and design elements of their customer’s luxury brand image
  • Meet their customer’s sustainability procurement requirements and still maintain a competitive pricing structure


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    We are saving on average 60 to 90 minutes for each foil make-ready using the Die Co-Ordinator, due to its ability to download a PDF file to machine and register the job to a digital Keyline giving the exact die location. Our savings per job well exceeds the 50% estimate given at time of purchase.

    Mark E. Baugh

    President D.E. Baugh


    The Die Co-Ordinator allows us to do the make-readies off line, thereby saving production time and utilization as well. Our experience to date is that our make-readies have been more than cut in half. The savings are significant.

    Tim Beymer

    Cover Plant Manager, Jostens, Inc.


    The Die Co-Ordinator has now been in operation for more than 8 years in a 2 shift operation. We estimate the average savings to more than 2000 working hours per year.

    Carlos Labori

    General Manager, EGISA